30 Jan 2012

Make food inspiring by anime

Anime is my favourite cartoon since i was in elementary school. We know that anime is made from Japan. Because of that, all food showed of that cartoon must be japanese food. I inspired to make onigiri ecause i think that kind of food is so easily be made, either the ingredients. Onigiri can be filled with vegetable. But if u don't like, u can fill it with other filling like boiled egg, fried chicken, fried fish, and many more. Is up to you ! it's your creation :)

I made onigiri with just 6 ingredients :
- rice
- margarine
- spoiled carrot
- spoiled bean
- nori (seaweed)
- oyster sauce

Mix rice with margarine, then shape it as semicircle.
Don't forget, when u shape it, fill rice with spoiled carrot and been.
Then, paste the nori to fist of rice.
To make more delicious, enjoy ur onigiri with oyster sauce.
Taddaaaa !! It is done :D

Little thing can show our future talent

I was shocked because i founded some pictures made by my self when i was junior high school. I tried to collect all pictures and combined them with windows movie maker. And here is the result :
Open if u care :)

You can see this video in youtube

27 Jan 2012

Outbound Community Development BEM UNJ facilitate students to increase their skill

As requests of some friends, i will posting with Indonesian language for a week posts.
Let's go back into a week ago....

What happened does it???
and i can said "The giving of fun and active education event"

 Bertepatan pada hari Minggu, 20 Januari 2012,  Divisi Sosial Politik Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Universitas Negeri Jakarta melaksanakan Outbound Community Development bersama para siswa-siswi Rumah Belajar Community Development (ComDev) di Bumi Perkemahan dan Graha Wisata (Buperta) Ragunan. Ini adalah kegiatan awal tahunan yang dilaksanakan oleh seluruh pengurus ComDev dan siswa-siswi rumah belajar. Selain itu, ajang ini dapat menjadi ajang penyegar pikiran untuk kakak-kakak pengurus dan adik-adik siswa setelah satu tahun melaksanakan kegiatan pembelajaran di Rumah Belajar.

13 Jan 2012

Let's Exercise Least once a week

"Men Sana In Corpore Sano" - "In a Healthy Body, There Is a Strong Soul" - "Di Dalam Tubuh yang Sehat Terdapat Jiwa Yang Kuat".
Body helathy has possitive correlation with our soul and mind. The better health of our bodies affect to the better condition of our soul and mind. To make our body keep health, we have to exercise. Exercise is very important to easier us to through our daily life and it can be called as spirit charger.

As a teacher, we have to keep the healthy of soul and mind of our students so they can receive stimulous that we given. Experts said that exercise is good to be done everyday before go to work, but if we have not time to exercise everyday, we can do it at least once a week. With exercise, ur body will fell lighter. Beside excercise, we have to keep and maintain the food consumption patterns.

Here is i post a video to lead u to exercise in front of ur computer. And my suggest, better u do it in the opening yard for better circulation of ur breath.
Oke... Are u ready to exercise !!!

Creative Cooking Time !!!

Correlate creativity and cooking is very good to increase the willingness of student to learn to cook. With creativity, the regular food can be interesting to be eaten. Not just for the appearance of the food, but also for the better taste. Although many unusual ingredients mixed into the food material, but with good creativity, it can be more delicious. In the beginning learn to cook, maybe the food we made singed or rather raw. But with hard-working practice, we can cook tasty food. Especially for woman, cooking is one of the important thing to be learned because woman should serve the tasty food for her husband.

I cooked a food this afternoon, and when i fried an egg, i thought to make invention in my food. Yap, i correlated my cook with creativity. The ingredients of that food are rice, egg, serundeng, sugar, pepper, salt, butter and ketchup. And the result is Taddaaaa....... I call this food with Rice Burger ;) and the taste is so yummy ^o^
This the picture below is the look of my food.

Nyanyikanlah Materi Pelajaran Tentang Kisah Atau Sejarah Agar Siswa Tertarik Mendengarkannya

Sudah pernah mendengar kisah 8 dirham Rasulullah SAW ? Kisah tersebut adalah kisah yang mencerminkan keteladanan, kedermawanan, dan kemuliaan Rasulullah SAW. Tidak sedikit diantara kita yang baru tahu kisah tersebut semenjak penyanyi Gita Gutawa menyanyikannya dengan lagu yang berjudul "Kisah 8 Dirham". Dalam posting blog saya sebelumnya juga membicarakan mengenai penggunaan nada dalam materi pelajaran. Nada dicerna dengan menggunakan otak kanan, sedangkan Materi yang berhubungan dengan hafalan akan dicerna dengan otak kiri. Dengan menggunakan nada dalam menyajikan materi, membantu keseimbangan otak kanan dan kiri siswa sehingga materi tersebut lebih cepat terserap dan lebih lama bertahan dalam otak. Dalam hal ini, tentunya guru harus mengkombinasikan metode nada dengan baca untuk mendidik siswa agar terbiasa membaca.

Berikut ini adalah kisah 8 dirham Rasulullah SAW. Simak dan baca baik-baik ya...

Learning by song easier for student to remember the lesson

Do you remember the old song titled "do re mi fa" which is in the movie The Sound Of Music ???
That song is sung by Julie Andrews. Oke, let me remember u first :

What do you think about this film ?
There is a teacher named Maria (act by Julie Andrews) teaching his all students about notes. Notes consist of do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do. In this clip, teacher try to make all student understand and memorize the scale with vocal so his all students can sing well.

Let me give the lyrics of do re mi fa - The Sound of Music :

Teach children to make any invention / inovation : Greeting Card

For me, creativity is a talent to make unusual thing.
So.... if u wanna ask them to make a thing DONT LIMIT their imaginations.
and DONT DENONCE their work. U can give them suggest, but not for denonce them.

This is an example of unusual greeting card made by myself :

 This greeting card is collection of my greeting card to my father, my sister's, and my brother's. We made this in his 51st birthday.

Give the children a variety of simulations to train their talents

The example of simulation is encourage them to speak alone using web cam.
I have a cousin whose name is Siti Fatimah. She is very talk active ^_^
so, i lend my laptop and ask her to speak alone like a presenter with web cam.
Those are videos about her :