11 Jan 2012

My short opinion about “Education System in Indonesia”

Many causes that makes education in Indonesia doesn’t work well. It is caused by first, the out of date education system in Indonesia. As we know, it happens in many villages in Indonesia.  The second is the wrong teaching method that teacher use to their all students. The third is commit to memory habbit without understand the knowledge. And the fourth is the low governance of technology. In this global area, technology has highly competence.
Those education matters feel concerned about development of education system in Indonesia. As we know that success key of nation depends on education as effective effort to increase the human resource also depend on education.  So, the education system has to be improved. Education system in Indonesia implement the education system in America. In my opinion, it doesn’t work well. America is very different with Indonesia. The education curriculum of America can’t support all needs of education in Indonesia with its very different cultural. EduEducation in Indonesia realy need moral education and this point is very important to be implemented in Indonesia. Correlate to teaching method, to make more effective and efficient, the governance of technology is very important. Especially with computer, teachers can make all students smarter, more creative with their brillian idea to operate the comuter, and they have more competence with other nation .

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